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NWCOA Zoonotic Disease Awareness

Those who work with or otherwise have contact with wildlife and other animals - and their parasites - need to be aware of the risks posed by transmissible infectious disease.  This interactive full-day training program provides a broad overview of infectious and zoonotic disease and sheds light on key risks and dangers associated with the species and groups with which wildlife and pest control professionals typically interact. The engaging presentation includes real world scenarios and examples of disease transmission and devotes significant time to the subject of risk reduction and disease prevention. 

Topics Covered in this Course

Each topic below will be addressed to indicate the minimum standards:

  • Zoonotic Definitions
  • High Level / Big Picture Perspectives
  • Real World Wildlife Control Scenarios
  • Challenges with Zoonoses
  • Avoidance / Prevention
  • Disinfection
  • Vaccination Controversy

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