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NWCOA Bat Standards Certified, Part I

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The NWCOA Bat Standards is offered by NWCOA to aid in the survival and future of bats in North America, as well as to educate those who perform bat exclusion services in residential and commercial structures. The Bat Standards Certified Course (Part 1) covers bat biology (little brown, big brown, free-tailed, and pallid bats), bat behavior, bat identification, bat morphology, service agreement language for bat removal and guano removal, seasonal restrictions, inspection techniques, equipment, safety, detailed exclusion techniques, job pricing, decontamination techniques, rabies, bat handling, updated white-nose syndrome information, and much more.

This course is a one day, classroom style training course taught by Certified NWCOA Instructors. Upon completion of this course and successful passing of a test, the WCO will become NWCOA Bat Standards Certified. Successful students will also receive a certificate of completion and have use of the logo mark in marketing materials.

Topics Covered in this Course
Each topic below will be addressed to indicate the minimum standards:
  • Bat Biology and Behavior
  • Bat Identification
  • Bat Morphology
  • Uncertainty/Subjectivity
  • Preliminary Bat Eviction/Venting
  • Inspection
  • Inspection Report and Service
  • Agreement, Pricing and Proposal
  • Detailed Exclusion Techniques
  • Bat Eviction/Venting
  • Post Eviction/Venting
  • White-nose Syndrome (WNS)
  • Public Health Concern – Guano
  • Accumulations
  • Public Health Concern – Rabies
  • Exposure Conflicts

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