Post Wildlife Expo Training Coordinator Report

The NWCOA Certified training events at this year’s Wildlife Expo were a great success.  We had 59 students in the WCOTC, 43 students in the Bat Standards, 35 students in the Bird Management Course and 17 in the Advanced Operators training.  I am also processing 9 Certified Wildlife Control Operators applications.  Congratulations to all of the students who passed, it was a pleasure to be your instructor. I would also like to thank all of the instructors that helped with all of these courses.  I would also like to thank Tony Siri AAC for putting on multiple Ridge Guard trainings, and Ray Olschewski, Bird Barrier for teaching the Bird Barrier course, accompanied by Sheldon Dillingham with Avitrol.  Last but not least I thank Chris Sims and Dan Glock for pulling together an unplanned air rifle discussion. I’m sure I forgot something as there was so much going on, but all of you make NWCOA the great organization that it has become!

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