NWCOA Bird Management Course Rolled out at Wildlife Expo

CBMC-350-bNWCOA is excited to announce the introduction of the NWCOA Bird Management Course. The course was presented on February 9th, just after the Wildlife Expo 2019 in Myrtle Beach.  The course was well attended by more than 35 participants who have given the new course very high reviews.

In late Feb, 2018, a committee of 4 came together to develop a new training program on bird management for NWCOA. This is the first new program developed since the Advanced Wildlife Control Operator Course in 2016.   The process that was used to develop the AOTC, was a model for the development of the Bird Course.

Headed by Gregg Schumaker, NWCOA’s Training Coordinator, the committee consisted of Ryan Hall, Jim Goins and Scott Cisco. The bird team began the process of determining an outline that would cover all the most important topics in a first level bird course. Once this step was complete, the bird team began identifying resources and pictures. Simultaneously, PowerPoint slide templates were developed for each module to be built in.

The course is organized in 6 sections that include: laws and regulations, biology and behavior of commonly encountered bird species, damage identification, zoonotic disease, control methods (habitat modification, exclusion, frightening devices, shooting and trapping, and toxicants and repellents). In addition, business management and customer relations, including inspections, assessments and closing the deal, will be discussed. Upon successful completion of this course and a test, the WCO will receive a certificate of completion, use of the logo mark in marketing materials and become a NWCOA Certified Bird Management Professional.

A big thanks to the Bird Committee for their efforts to create this course and to each of the presenters who made the curriculum come to life! The next presentation of this course is planned to be held in Minnesota in April, click here for details.