Bat Standards Course

The intent is that these standards be recognized and accepted by governmental regulators and professional groups as the minimum definitive and technical standards for professionals.

The purpose of the training manual and course is to define Standards of Practice and establish a minimum uniform standard for WCO’s when performing bat-related work to resolve conflicts between humans, bats and structures.

The goal is to emphasize the importance of resolving human/bat conflicts in a manner that both protects human health and provides a conservation minded approach to protecting our wild bat resources.

NWCOA has identified a need to define and quantify what constitutes a professional bat roost mitigation from structures and to inform service providers regarding the impact of White Nose syndrome on existing bat populations.

Those who complete the course receive an extensive manual and NWCOA certification that is valid for 5 years!

On completion of the final exam – successful students will receive a certificate and the use of the NWCOA owned logo!