Find a Member!

Do you have wildlife in your home, business or yard? NWCOA encourages you to use the professional services of a Wildlife Control Operator (WCO) who is trained and knowledgeable in animal handling, animal removal and who can help you resolve further issues in and around your home or commercial property. Aside from commonly exhibiting aggressive behavior, most animals carry diseases that can be easily transmitted to humans.

Avoid the danger of a do-it-yourself attempt –  call a professional Wildlife Control Operator. Better yet, hire a WCO who is a member of NWCOA.

Benefits of hiring a member of NWCOA:


National and regional training events provide animal specific training in a wide variety of species management. Training covers many common species like bats, birds, snakes and fury woodland creatures, as well as the not so common species like feral hogs, armadillos, coyote, beaver, and even alligators!


The work Wildlife Control Operators perform sometimes involves risky elements, like working at heights, walking in attics and crawling through crawlspaces, just to name a few. Be sure the company you hire is a professional who carries insurance in the event an accident occurs.


A good indicator that a company means to be in business for the long-haul, is membership in their trade association. The National Wildlife Control Association provides education and training to our members and makes members aware of important industry trends, legislation and regulatory requirements. By hiring a NWCOA member you have a good degree of assurance that you are hiring a competent, professional company.


Sometimes people dealing with a wildlife issue attempt to handle the problem on their own. Oftentimes, the animal gets the upper hand and things quickly go awry. By hiring a professional Wildlife Control Operator (WCO), you remove yourself from potential risk when things don’t go as planned. Many animals also transmit diseases that can be very dangerous or even fatal to humans. Protect yourself and hire a NWCOA WCO member.