Certified Urban Marksman

Certified Urban Marksman

This course covers the basics of marksmanship (7 fundamentals), how to obtain a proper zero, gear suggestions, and gear evaluations.  The curriculum is based on the need for efficient marksmanship capabilities and will help determine whether or not success or failure hinges on the shooter or equipment being used.

Upon completion of this course and successful passing of a test, the WCO will become a NWCOA Certified Urban Marksman, receive a certificate and have use of the logo.


  • Safety, Equipment, and Shooting Basics
  • Trajectories, Anatomy and Shot placement
  • Mid-Morning transfer to Brock’s Gap Training Center
  • Range – 100 yard zero (50 yds for rimfire) and personal firearm evaluation
  • Range – Verify trajectories, short-range rapid target acquisition
  • Short-range rapid target acquisition practice

* Agenda subject to change.