Certified Urban Bird Management Operator

The NWCOA Certified Urban Bird Management Operator course is offered by NWCOA to educate those who perform bird management services to resolve human-wildlife conflicts and to reduce damage caused by birds in residential and commercial structures. The two-day course provides classroom instruction on laws and regulations, biology and behavior, damage and control methods, and safety and disease.

Upon successful completion of this course and a test, the WCO will receive a certificate of completion, use of the logo mark in marketing materials and become a NWCOA Certified Bird Management Operator.


  • Laws and Regulations
  • Biology and Behavior
  • Damage ID
  • Disease
  • Business and Customer Relations
    • Inspections
    • Assessment
    • Closing the Deal
  • Control Methods
    • Habitat Modification, Exclusion
    • Frightening Devices
    • Toxicants and Repellents
    • Shooting, Trapping and Biological Control