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NWCOA's Mission

The association is organized exclusively as a mutual benefit non-profit trade association to assist persons or organizations providing commercial wildlife damage management and control activities. The association shall be active in training, educating and promoting competence, service and integrity to the members of the wildlife damage management industry.

What Is NWCOA?

A non-profit corporation to further the purpose of the Association under Indiana Nonprofit Corporation Act of 1991 and Under Section 501(c)(6) of the Internal Revenue Code of the United States of America.

Who Should Join?

Membership shall include but not be limited to Nuisance Wildlife Control Operators, Wildlife Damage Managers, Pest Control Operators, Nuisance Trappers, Predator Control Trappers, individuals employed by government agencies working in wildlife management and wildlife damage management, and others engaged in the business of animal damage control.

"The Certification Program is independent of NWCOA membership. An individual DOES NOT have to be certified to be a member of NWCOA nor is an individual required to be a NWCOA member to obtain certification."


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NWCOA Executive Office

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